Brew French Press Coffee in 3 easy steps!

If you’ve ever been stumped on how to make one of the simplest and most flavorful cups of coffee, then this article is for you. Make sure you have a French press handy and learn how to brew french press coffee in a few easy steps!
Step 1: The Beans and Grind.
What makes the perfect cup of coffee is subject to debate. Everyone will have a slightly different take on this. When you brew french press coffee the major factors are:
– Type/variety of coffee bean- How coarse or fine the grind (finer grinds leak through the screen but release more flavor. Coarser grinds won’t go through the screen but may impart less flavor)- How much coffee you add.
When you brew French press coffee, it is recommended that you use whole beans and a burr grinder (for a coarser grind) and use 2-3 Tbs. for a 3 cup French press and 4-5 for a 4 cup French press. You will also want to grind the beans not long before using them for fresher coffee. This will take a little trial and error but is worth the experimentation!

Step 2: Hot Water and wait

Boil water on the stove. Once boiled, use it to preheat the French press prior to adding the grounds. This will help keep the coffee hotter longer. After preheating the French press, add your grounds and then fill with boiling water to half full. Give the grounds a good stir before filling the pot up the rest of the way with the boiling water. You will now wait about 4 minutes (use a timer if you like). Waiting longer can lead to bitter coffee.

Step 3: The Plunge and serve
After 4 minutes, press the plunger down into the French press until is it firmly at the bottom. Pour the coffee into your cup and enjoy!You are now ready to brew French press coffee on your own!