The Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews According to Tom, Neighborhood Carpenter

While air compressors are extremely useful, they can be difficult to store and transport. Finding a good quality air compressor that is easily portable can be just as difficult as trying to transport your heavy air compressor. So, take some advice from an expert on air compressors. Continue below to read my reviews of the best portable air compressors.

1.) Senco PC1131

The first portable air compressor on my list is the Senco PC1131. The Senco PC1131 is moderately priced at $185, and has a dual tank design. This air compressor has a cast iron built and features a tank that can hold up to 4.3 gallons. One of the best features of the Senco PC1131 is the 2 horsepower electric motor that provides enough power and durability for all types of professional use. Also, between the small proportions and lightweight design (it weighs 60 pounds) of the Senco PC1131, it is extremely easy to carry around from place to place.

2.) Makita MAC2400 Big Bore

The next air compressor on my list is the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore. Although this air compressor is pricier than most (it costs $311), it has an advanced design that was geared towards professionals. The Makita MAC2400 Big Bore has a cast iron design that helps contribute to this air compressor’s fast and efficient performance. A 2.5 horsepower motor creates 4.2 CFM at a PSI of 90. Thus, this air compressor produces minimal noise and the maximum amount of productivity. Since the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore operates at 1,720 RPM, the motor and pump runs longer than the average air compressor. Although this air compressor weighs 77 pounds, it has a slim design which makes it extremely easy to transport.

3.) Porter-Cable PCFP02003

The Porter-Cable PCFP02003 is a portable air compressor with a pancake design. Priced at $100, the Porter-Cable PCFP02003 requires no oil and is extremely easy to keep in good condition. The tank can hold up to 3.5 gallons and operates at an initial speed of 135 PSI and a running speed of 90 PSI. The motor is 120 V, so the Porter-Cable PCF02003 is the perfect portable air compressor for smaller jobs. Finally, this portable air compressor only weighs 26 pounds. So, you can easily store and carry the Porter-Cable PCFP02003 around with you.

4.) Campbell Hausfeld FP209499

Although the Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 only costs $60, it is one of the most advanced portable air compressors on the market. In fact, the intricate design of the Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 and the cheap cost makes this air compressor the best air compressors for the money. Although the Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 is crafted with the top quality technology for air compressors, it has an easy-to-use exterior. Thus, this is the perfect portable air compressor for people who only have a minimal amount of experience using an air compressor. This Campbell Hausfeld air compressor has an oil-free design, which requires no maintenance. Other features include; an operating power of 90 to 110 PSI, a 120 volt motor, and an accessory kit that includes ten pieces to get you jump started on some typical air compressor projects. Also, this air compressor weighs only 18.9 pounds, so it is one of the lightest and most portable air compressors on the market.

5.) Bostitch BTFP02012

The last portable air compressor on my list is the Bostitch BTFP02012. Priced at $99, the Bostitch BTFP02012 has the best portable air compressor reviews among the popular portable air compressors. This portable air compressor has a 6 gallon tank that can produce a maximum PSI of 150. Typically, this air compressor delivers a PSI of 90 at a SCFM of 2.6. Another great feature of this Bostitch air compressor is the minimal sound it produces. It only produces 78.5 decibels, which is slightly higher than the sound of an average conversation. Thus, you won’t have to worry about working in a noisy and distracting environment. Other features of the Bostitch BTFP02012 include a maximized performance enabled by various air tools and an oil-free construction that requires no maintenance. Finally, this Bostitch air compressor has a small weight of 29 pounds and an overall slim construction, so you can easily store and carry this air compressor. If you want to learn more about the Bostitch BTFP02012 head over to  

Tips for Your Vegetable Garden

Are you a new gardener? Have you been growing vegetables for as long and far back as you can remember? Well, either way, no matter if you are an uneducated gardener or an expert these tips we have to share with you will prove to be very helpful in your gardening adventures and they will be very useful too and for you.

  1. When winter comes around and it’s starting to be very chilly but tomatoes on one of your vines are still in the process of ripening don’t throw them away, pull them up and place the tomato plants somewhere warm hanging alongside a wall in your house or something and the tomatoes on the vine will ripen eventually.                        garden_grow_your_own_tomatoes_2
  1. If you plant more than one of the same plants that is better in the sense of growing because companion planting helps your garden strive. Some of the plants in the garden actually obtain and hold nutrients that were ultimately gone or lost in the other one.                                                                                                                                              
  2.  By painting the handles of your garden tools a bright color instead of green it will be a lot easier to keep up with your tools while they are mixed in with the plants. Another cool hack to try is placing a mailbox in your garden and decorating it to use it as a “tool shed.”
  1. When placing manure in your garden remember the manure needs time to sit and combine with everything do the soil will set firmly. For the best results try placing manure roughly 3 weeks before you decide you want to plant your items.
  1. Mixing your manure with the dirt you have is really simple you don’t have to break your back trying something insane: Okay leaves and your manure of your choosing out in your garden towards the end of fall when you know nothing else will be harvested. From here find some kind of wood chips like hay and cover the compost. This assures you that when spring arrives the melting of snow and organisms mixing will have evenly mixed the compost together.                                                                                                                                                                           02-how-to-compost-build-compost-bin
  1. Do you love vining your vegetables but can’t find room for it? Well, all you need to know is to train your melons, cucumbers, and even your squash on a vertical frame for [plants known as a trellis or a fence piece if you don’t have a trellis is the way to go. This saves a lot of space and looks so beautiful setup.
  1. If your vegetables are over ripe or start to become over ripe make sure you remove them from the garden or certain critters will infest the vegetables and possibly your garden.
  1. If the tops of your onions are falling or dropping over they are ready for picking but make sure you let the dirt dry and then place them in a warm, dark place until you know the tops are dry. Make sure when cutting the foliage to cut half an inch and place in a cool area that is dry.
  1. When you grow cabbage and lettuce if you want to keep dry off the two then [place half a layer of ,mulch near and around every plant. This will also minimize the amount of weed growth you have.
  1. When you plant flowers or vegetables place handfuls of your manure into every hole.                                                       6a00d83420a76e53ef01b8d0c616b1970c-800wi
  1. Place garlic, cloves, onions, chives, or chrysanthemums around your garden space to keep creepy crawling critters away from your crops.
  1. If you need an inexpensive way to save plants from frost damage place milk gallons, soda bottles, or other plastic containers over the tops of your crops.
  1. If you want to grow peas easily start inside. Germination is more successful and seeds end up a lot healthier and fight critters off a lot easier.
  1. Make sure your soil is healthy and in return your crops will be healthy and ward away unwanted pesty critters and keep certain diseases out of your garden and lower your chances of having to using pesticides.                              soil_in_hands_-_francesca_yorke
  1. Earthworms love natural fertilizers which is amazing because earthworms benefit vegetables and gardens a lot.
  1. Diatomaceous earth is the best organic insecticide you can udr which is a white powder agent you use to do damage to critters and keeps slugs far away.

Top Reasons You Should Know Your Neighbors

Are you a person that sticks to yourself and won’t even give your neighbors the time of day? Well if you ever need help from them you may just be out of luck. Here are just a few reasons why it is a good idea to always be nice to your neighbors.

  1. So you don’t need to run to the store for one egg.


You don’t want to stop everything you are doing when preparing brunch to go into town for an egg or some sugar, this would be a great time to really know your neighbors and borrow that item.

  1. They will watch your house when you are gone.

When you go on vacation your neighbor can keep tabs on your home so you don’t have to use your money to hire a house sitter for your house who will probably leave your house disgusting and eat up every bit of the food within your home.

  1. They will collect your mail when it starts getting high.

While away for your business trip or something else your neighbor can obtain your mail for you and keep it safe until you return.

  1. They will shovel snow and mow your grass.


A lot of neighbors while mowing will be nice enough to also cut your grass also or get rid of snow in your drive. Make sure you show them have much you appreciate that kind gesture.

  1. Gossip buddies are the best.

Get to know the neighbor who has been there the longest so they can give you all of the juicy details about everyone.

  1. Don’t have a tool? No problem.

If you don’t have a certain tool and don’t need one or have one that is handy you can always borrow your neighbors.

  1. Loud party? No problem.

If you are friends with your neighbors they won’t mind that your party was a little louder than normal last night.

  1. You’ll be invited to parties.

Tons of food and free beer free of charge. Who could decline?

  1. Dive into their pool.


Instead of spending a heap of money to install a pool at your house why not just dive into your neighbors and save your funds?

  1. Pet sitters.

Having to pay for someone to watch your pet while you are away can be expensive so why not have your neighbor friend watch your pet free of charge of for cheap?

  1. They tell you, providers, to use.

Don’t use that plumber or electrician on craigslist you don’t know how legit they may be instead, ask your neighbor for recommendations.

  1. Makes your area safer.

If neighbors are friends then crime rates drop and are less likely to happen because you are all too busy having each other backs.

  1. Package acceptance?

Have no fear your neighbors are here and they can accept your packages for you when you aren’t home or you are out of town and keep them safe for you and intact.

  1. They bring food during hard times.

Whether there has been a death or you are sick your neighbors will bring you food to eat.

  1. When you lock yourself out they can rescue you.

If you are friends with your neighbor you can give them an extra key to your house if you trust them enough so when you lock yourself out they can actually let you in or if you leave town and leave your oven on they can go and turn it off for you.