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Access A Network Device/server That Is Only Accessible Via A Jumphost

Smugglers use secret tunnels to move or retailer contraband, similar to illegal medicine and weapons. Elaborately engineered 1,000-foot (300 m) tunnels constructed to smuggle medicine across the Mexico-US border had been estimated to require as much as 9 months to complete, and an expenditure of as much as $1 million. Some of those tunnels have been geared up with lighting, air flow, telephones, drainage pumps, hydraulic elevators, and in a minimum of one instance, an electrified rail transport system.

Secret tunnels have additionally been used by thieves to break into bank vaults and retail stores after hours. Several tunnels have been discovered by the Border Security Forces across the Line of Control alongside the India-Pakistan border, mainly to allow terrorists entry to the Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The Chicago Deep Tunnel Project is a network of one hundred seventy five km (109 mi) of drainage tunnels designed to cut back flooding in the Chicago area.

In current versions of OpenSSH it’s even allowed to create layer 2 or layer 3 tunnels if each ends have enabled such tunneling capabilities. This creates tun (layer three, default) or tap (layer 2) virtual interfaces on both ends of the connection. This allows regular network management and routing to be used, and when used on routers, the visitors for an entire subnetwork can be tunneled. A pair of tap virtual interfaces function like an Ethernet cable connecting both ends of the … Read More