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After laying empty for a number of years, it was purchased from the Council and renovated. In 1999, the property was bought by the footballer David Beckham and his spouse Victoria for ¬£2.5 million. The property grew to become dubbed “Beckingham Palace” by the press as a portmanteau of their surname and Buckingham Palace. They spent round ¬£three million on refurbishment, together with a maze designed by James Gardner, in the grounds. In 2001, Victoria Beckham made a virtual tour of the mansion obtainable on-line.

In one, an unidentified acquaintance refuted these superstitious accusations, stating that they have been nonsense and that Winchester was an unusually sensible girl. Beginning round 1895, Winchester began appearing in newspapers. The articles in these local papers were full of hypothesis about Winchester and the continued development of her San Jose home. Her lack of interaction with neighbors and the recognized proven fact that her cash came from the firearms business, fed right into a superstitious narrative, despite large, ornate homes being generally constructed by the rich. The newspapers declared that the explanation that the development was ongoing, was that Winchester feared she would have dangerous luck if the construction would stop. This concept ultimately grew into tales that she believed she would die if construction stopped.

Past neighbors, friends, and workers for Winchester were distressed when they read about superstitious claims being made about the house and Winchester, and had been upset the Browns had been being profitable off of falsehoods. They described Winchester … Read More