Being able to have a elegant mansion is the highest achievement for some people. Mansion is a fact of success from the business that has been done so far. Below are some examples of elegant mansions in the world:

Elegant Mansion in France

Villa Leopolda is an elegant mansion that has a blend of modern classic designs. Villa Leopolda is an elegant mansion located on the French Riviera, France. This magnificent building was designed by an American architect named Ogden Coldman Jr. In its history, this mansion was actually built in 1931 for King Leopold II. This mansion has also changed hands several times, starting from President Director of Fiat Gianni Agnelli until it is currently occupied by the wife of a famous Swiss banker, Lily Safra.

Elegant Mansion in America

Biltmore Estate is a mansion that is open to the general public like touring and tourists in general. Usually, the owner of the mansion expects something personal by living in his spacious mansion. However, it is different with an entrepreneur who owns the Biltmore Estate, located in North Carolina, USA. Tourists can visit this luxurious mansion easily and can also see and feel the beauty of this building directly.

The splendor of the Biltmore Estate can be seen from having a total of 250 rooms. Inside there is also a special place for playing bowling, an indoor swimming pool, a very wide bar to a field for horse riding. Interested in having a house with an elegant design? You can try to find references to your favorite luxury mansion and apply the design to your home.

Elegant Mansion in Italy

Villa Cimbrone is known as a mansion with beautiful natural scenery. Villa Cimbrone, which is located on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, is so magnificent that it has the nickname “Terrazzo dell’ Infinito” or a terrace with a very beautiful unlimited natural view. Not only that, this mansion also has a very beautiful courtyard and is often used by some people for inspiration.

Elegant Mansion in Indonesia

Located in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, this mansion belonging to Hasim Hadado is magnificent and beautiful. No less than the magnificent mansions found all over the world, Hasim Hadodo’s elegant mansion is listed as one of the most beautiful mansions in Indonesia. The classic interior design is complete with real gold trim which makes the whole house look even more magnificent. The house owner of this construction service entrepreneur has an estimated price of up to IDR 400 billion.

Elegant Mansion in Korea

Island House is one of the grandest mansions in South Korea. Island House is a mansion located in the Gyeonggi-do area, South Korea. This elegant mansion which was completed in 2008 has a contemporary modern design which is very pleasing to look at. Because it is located in the middle of the island, this mansion automatically has a very enchanting natural panorama.

Wonderful Mansion in India

Antilla is one of the grandest mansions in India. Antilla is a mansion with 27 floors located in the city of Mumbai, India. This elegant mansion owned by Mukesh Ambani was built by architects from Chicago, Perkins and Will. Antilla is a very unique mansion because from afar it looks like a very luxurious hotel. This mansion is also made with the best specifications and is able to withstand earthquakes up to 8 on the Richter scale.

Elegant Mansion in England

Wentworth Woodhouse is included in one of the mansions in England which is full of history. Wentworth Woodhouse was originally a stately residence built around the 1630s. This building continued to change hands and underwent many changes until it finally became a very luxurious mansion in 1999 after being successfully renovated by an architect named Clifford Newbold. In early 2012, Wentworth Woodhouse was finally opened to the general public including foreign tourists who want to see the splendor of this mansion.

Amazing Mansion in Australia

Having a classic design, Fairwater is one of the most beautiful mansions located in Australia. Entering Australia, there is an elegant mansion located in the city of Sydney. The mansion, called Fairwater, is owned by the Fairfax family, which has been passed down from generation to generation until now. The classic design that belongs to Fairwater looks very beautiful and makes this mansion very elegant and attractive to look at.

Elegant Mansion in China

Taohuayuan is listed as one of the best located mansions in China. Not all mansions have meaningful names. Unlike the case with the Taohuayuan mansion which has the meaning of being a utopia or it can also be called a magnificent palace. This elegant mansion is also built on a private island owned by Sunac China. The Taohuayuan Mansion, located in Suzhou, China, is listed as one of the magnificent buildings that has a very beautiful natural panorama.

Charming Mansion in Israel

The mansion, which is located in the city of Caesarea, is being sold for $259 million. Another elegant mansion is in the city of Caesarea, Israel. This magnificent mansion was built by a billionaire named Valery Cogan. This mansion has a building area of 6,400 square meters and has a very charming Mediterranean style.

Such is the review of the mansion and the 10 most luxurious mansions in all the world. You can also try to make this luxurious mansion a reference for your design when you want to build your dream home.