Tips for choosing tile is actually not one of the difficult things, my friend. The most important thing is that you want to find information from various sources or friends who understand tile because they have experience in building houses. There are types of tile with various shapes, prices, colors, quality and materials. Of course, to determine which tile is right for you, various considerations are needed before deciding to make a purchase. Tile is an important part of the house. So you must pay attention to the quality so that later it creates comfort for its residents. In this article, I will discuss tips on choosing tile. Let’s look at the explanation together as follows:

1. Choose the tile according to the strength of the frame used

The adjustment of the tile with the framework that will be used will certainly determine the performance and security in the future. This means that if the framework used has a standard level of strength, then you should choose tile that has a light density and not too heavy because it will risk endangering its occupants.

Just imagine if the roof frame is not strong enough to withstand the weight of the roof tiles used, the worst thing that can happen is that the roof will collapse so it is very dangerous. For this reason, special attention is needed in selecting roof tiles.

2. Adjust the Budget that has been prepared

The next consideration that needs to be done is to adjust the existing budget so that the need for purchasing tiles can be met according to existing needs. Do not let it just because the desire is too high, later the available funds can only buy a few tiles, then your roof is not completely closed.

If the roof is not completely closed, when it rains water will enter the house all. Of course you don’t want that not to happen to you? Therefore, consider the existing budget so that it can be adjusted to the tile needs needed.

3. Choose tiles that are in good condition, are smooth and have no cracks

Tips for choosing tiles at this point are related to their physical condition. Roof tiles with good physical condition will certainly benefit you. That way you will feel comfortable while living at home. If there are cracks or chunks at the edges, there is a very risk of leaks because the rain water that seeps over time will drip into the house.

Purchasing in large quantities should check with sampling techniques to make sure the physical is really still good. In addition, when you choose tile at the seller’s place, make sure it is the same as when you receive it at home. I’m afraid that during the shipping process, the tile that you have chosen will be exchanged by the seller.

4. Tap – Pre-tap

Many people in general use the method at this point, especially people in rural areas who tend to be more conscientious because there is a lot of free time that can be used. Unlike the urban communities who tend to be more indifferent.

This method is used to determine the strength or thickness of the tile itself, if the sound is loud, the quality of the tile is not good because the thickness is relatively low. Whereas those with good thickness usually do not make a loud sound when they are knocked.

5. Choose a tile that has one size

Look at this point carefully. When choosing a tile, you should first make sure that the tile size you choose actually has the same size. If the sizes vary it will cause difficulties during installation.

In addition, if you are lazy to exchange it with the same size, it will become unused and of course it is a waste that can actually be minimized. I suggest to be more careful when buying anything so that you don’t experience losses.

6. Ensure Perfect Tile Burnt

Tips for choosing tile at this point are related to the manufacturing process. The physical characteristics that you must know to indicate that a burnt tile is perfect can be seen from its color. The color is yellowish red. If the tile still looks brownish, then the burning process is not optimal and the result is not yet cooked.

The impact that will be caused if the burning of the tile is not mature is the strength and resistance it produces. Tile is one of the main components of the house. How will the house feel comfortable if the quality of the roof is not considered?

7. Perform Random Leak Checks with Water

To prove the quality of the tile itself, of course we need help from its rival, water. Water is indeed appropriate to be used as a supporting material for the feasibility test of roof tiles. Because basically tile is used to protect it from rainwater.

You can find out whether the tile is leaking or not by pouring water onto the top surface of the tile. The leak starts from the seepage process. This leak will later become a bridge to the leak. You can apply this method before deciding to install tile.

8. Also Make Sure The Strength Of The Tile

The strength that is in the tile is very necessary. Without strength, of course, the tile will be easily damaged and destroyed, then it will affect the costs that you have to allocate for purchasing new tile as a replacement.

To do a strength test is not difficult. You only need to build up the existing tiles. Roof tiles that have good quality are certainly marked by the durability they produce. If during the stacking process the bottom part does not break or crack, it means that the tile can be said to be strong and strong.