Top Reasons You Should Know Your Neighbors

Are you a person that sticks to yourself and won’t even give your neighbors the time of day? Well if you ever need help from them you may just be out of luck. Here are just a few reasons why it is a good idea to always be nice to your neighbors.

  1. So you don’t need to run to the store for one egg.


You don’t want to stop everything you are doing when preparing brunch to go into town for an egg or some sugar, this would be a great time to really know your neighbors and borrow that item.

  1. They will watch your house when you are gone.

When you go on vacation your neighbor can keep tabs on your home so you don’t have to use your money to hire a house sitter for your house who will probably leave your house disgusting and eat up every bit of the food within your home.

  1. They will collect your mail when it starts getting high.

While away for your business trip or something else your neighbor can obtain your mail for you and keep it safe until you return.

  1. They will shovel snow and mow your grass.


A lot of neighbors while mowing will be nice enough to also cut your grass also or get rid of snow in your drive. Make sure you show them have much you appreciate that kind gesture.

  1. Gossip buddies are the best.

Get to know the neighbor who has been there the longest so they can give you all of the juicy details about everyone.

  1. Don’t have a tool? No problem.

If you don’t have a certain tool and don’t need one or have one that is handy you can always borrow your neighbors.

  1. Loud party? No problem.

If you are friends with your neighbors they won’t mind that your party was a little louder than normal last night.

  1. You’ll be invited to parties.

Tons of food and free beer free of charge. Who could decline?

  1. Dive into their pool.


Instead of spending a heap of money to install a pool at your house why not just dive into your neighbors and save your funds?

  1. Pet sitters.

Having to pay for someone to watch your pet while you are away can be expensive so why not have your neighbor friend watch your pet free of charge of for cheap?

  1. They tell you, providers, to use.

Don’t use that plumber or electrician on craigslist you don’t know how legit they may be instead, ask your neighbor for recommendations.

  1. Makes your area safer.

If neighbors are friends then crime rates drop and are less likely to happen because you are all too busy having each other backs.

  1. Package acceptance?

Have no fear your neighbors are here and they can accept your packages for you when you aren’t home or you are out of town and keep them safe for you and intact.

  1. They bring food during hard times.

Whether there has been a death or you are sick your neighbors will bring you food to eat.

  1. When you lock yourself out they can rescue you.

If you are friends with your neighbor you can give them an extra key to your house if you trust them enough so when you lock yourself out they can actually let you in or if you leave town and leave your oven on they can go and turn it off for you.

Writen by Haven McCloskey