Sowing Grass Seed in the UK can be a difficult and confusing process. have put together this guide to help you get started with sowing grass seed in the UK. This blog post will answer all your questions about sowing grass seed, such as what type of soil do I need? And how long does it take for my lawn to grow? Follow these tips and enjoy the benefits of having a green space in which to relax!

What type of soil do I need?

The type of soil you should use depends on the type of seed that you are sowing. Generally speaking, if you are planning on sowing grass seed in spring or summer, then a loam-type (good drainage) soil is best since it won’t be too wet and heavy for your seeds. If you plan on sowing grass seed during autumn or later, then heavier soil (high in clay) would be better as it won’t dry out too quickly.

What preparation should I do before sowing grass seed?

Before sowing your grass seed, you should make sure that the soil is smooth and level. If there are any large stones or other objects in the ground, then remove these first – they will tear up your lawn’s surface. You can use a rake to flatten out the soil if it is uneven.

After preparing the soil as described above, dig small holes (about five centimetres deep) with a trowel or garden spade for each of your seeds. Plant a few seeds in every hole, about two inches away from the next hole. This way, if some die off naturally due to disease or pests, the others won’t die too. You can broadcast the rest of the grass seeds.

How long does it take for my lawn to grow?

An average lawn takes between 12-16 weeks to grow. This will depend on the type of seed you are sowing and the weather conditions. Don’t forget that your new lawn requires fertiliser and other lawn care products to get the best results. So to get the perfect lawn, follow these steps:

  • Soak the ground first: This makes sure that there’s plenty of moisture for the grass to grow in and ensures a consistent colour.
  • If you’re using clay soil don’t forget to mix some sand into it to help with drainage.
  • Buy good quality seed from a reputable supplier like Natural products without any chemicals are great because they won’t harm wildlife.