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Most of those roses are thought to be Old Garden Rose cultivars that have otherwise dropped out of cultivation, or sports thereof. They are “thriller roses” as a result of their “proper” historic names have been misplaced. Tradition dictates that they are named after the proprietor of the garden where they were rediscovered. It is believed that roses have been grown in lots of the early civilisations of temperate latitudes from at least 5000 years ago.


A beautiful little garden in a window by Jackie DiPasquale. The Whistwood Bench is the focus, going through the birdbath within the heart of the backyard. Just a little bit of fence is all that is wanted on the left to give a sense of enclosure and outline the area.

Now, via genetic modification, a Japanese company succeeded in creating a blue rose in 2004. Colours are bred via plant breeding programs which have existed for a long time.

They are identified to have been grown in ancient Babylon. Paintings of roses have been discovered in Egyptian pyramid tombs from the 14th century BC. Records exist of them being grown in Chinese gardens and Greek gardens from no less than 500 BC.

When you take away them from their little pots, fastidiously tease the roots apart and take away a few of the old soil so they will match properly within the terrarium. Pat down the soil in order that they don…™t get uprooted easily. Small plants of various … Read More