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By planting various kinds of plants, growers are able to craft gardens which change and evolve all year long. PAFA then agreed to maintain Dream Garden in the city, promising to make use of its “greatest efforts” to maintain it in its site within the Curtis Building.

70 Mayfair Home With A Secret Garden

After being seen by 1000’s and getting rave reviews from the New York artwork neighborhood, the piece was disassembled and punctiliously reassembled in the lobby of The Curtis Center in Philadelphia. The Dream Garden had finally been put in in its residence 6 years after the building was completed.

“The Dream Garden,” because the piece is thought, sits within the lobby of The Curtis Center in downtown Philadelphia. Comprised of over a hundred,000 pieces set into two dozen panels, the mosaic was created by 30 artisans at Tiffany Studios in New York, and is one of just three such mosaics the company has ever created (and by far the largest).

In the late 1990s earlier than the proposed sale of the mural was introduced within the press, I labored within the Curtis Building and may say that many people who worked there at the moment knew next to nothing about Dream Garden. The Dream Garden foyer was principally thought to be a reasonably walk-via space where one might solely often look on the body contours of a blue mosaic nymph or naughty satyr. There were no adoring crowds, no multiple clicks of cameras. Before … Read More